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Reserve a museum pass by museum.

View/cancel a museum pass.

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In order to make our Museum Pass program available to the widest range of patrons, please note the following:

A limited number of passes to area museums are available for borrowing. Reservations may be made in person, through the links above, or by calling us at (631) 421-4530.

Reservation Information


  • patrons with a valid, unexpired, HHH district resident adult library card,
  • with fines not exceeding $10.


  • up to 60 days in advance


  • click on one of the links above
  • reserve ONE pass for the day you WILL USE the pass
  • reserve up to 2 passes a month, but only once a month for a specific museum


  • can be made up to 36 hours in advance of use



  • after 3 pm, the day before use


  • Children’s Department at the Dix Hills building


  • only one pass per day may be checked out
  • if a pass is returned late or is lost by a previous user, the reservation will not be honored
  • request an orange bag if you need to return it in the book drop

[ ! ]  Failing to pick up a pass, or canceling less than 36 hours prior to the date of use, will be considered a “no-show.” Two “no-shows” within 60 days will result in the cardholder’s reservation privileges being suspended for 60 days from the last “no-show” date.



  • before 1 pm, the day after use


  • Children’s Department at the Dix Hills building – in person
  • book drop – request an orange bag when you pick up the pass

[ ! ]  A late fee of $20 will be charged for each day the pass is late. The full price of the pass will be charged if it is lost.

[ ! ]  Failure to return a pass by the due date may prevent another person from enjoying that museum!

The library reserves the right to review and amend these guidelines as necessary.
Contact Children’s Services with any questions regarding these policies at (631) 421-4530 ext.

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