Welcome teachers! Use this page to schedule class visits, and alert librarians to upcoming projects so books are reserved and ready for your kids to bring home!

Click here for Common Core Resources for Teachers

Schedule a class visit: introduce your class to the wonderful resources the public library has to offer! We’ll give your class a tour of the children’s area, do a brief presentation of the wide variety of materials and resources available, how library cards work, tell the kids about upcoming programs, and do a story time. You’ll be able to send ahead library cards and library card application forms so your children can bring a book home with them. With advance notice, we are also happy to give tours of the whole building, prepare a small craft, and/or go more in-depth on resources relevant to your class’ upcoming projects, such as pulling specific research materials or doing a live demonstration on how to access our array of free online databases for students.

Schedule a class visit at the Dix Hills branch
Schedule a class visit at the Melville branch
Schedule a visit from a librarian  in your classroom for Reach CYA classes

Project Alert: does your class have a big project coming up? Are you focusing on a topic that you’d like your students to have access to additional resources for? Let us know! We are happy to pull any relevant resources and keep them set aside for your students for as long as they need. We can pull resources in advance days, weeks, or months ahead — feel free to send us all upcoming projects you have planned! Click here to set up a Project Alert. The more detail, the better!

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